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Winn-Dixie Joins Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance to Help Tackle National Diabetes Crisis

January 10, 2012


is joining the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance (DPCA), an
initiative aimed at tipping the scales against the epidemic of diabetes,
prediabetes and obesity by expanding access to community-based programs
that use evidence-based approaches to help prevent and control diabetes.

Trained Winn-Dixie pharmacists in 29 select Winn-Dixie stores in
Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa will support patients enrolled in the
Alliance’s Diabetes Control Program to help people with diabetes learn
to better manage their condition and adhere to their physicians’
recommendations. Winn-Dixie pharmacists will provide patient education
and support to help people with diabetes better control the disease and
reduce the risk of developing complications, such as cardiovascular,
kidney and eye disease. After an initial visit, in-store pharmacists in
the select Winn-Dixie locations will provide quarterly consultations to
enrolled patients to evaluate their success in adhering to prescribed
diabetes regimens and review patients’ test results for blood pressure,
blood glucose and cholesterol.

“Diabetes is an epidemic that affects millions of people across the
country,” said John Fegan, Winn-Dixie vice president, Pharmacy. “By
joining the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance, Winn-Dixie is able
to offer participating patients the support and resources they need to
help them tackle this disease and improve their health.”

Winn-Dixie joins UnitedHealth Group, the Y, Walgreens, Novo Nordisk,
Albertsons, Kroger and others as Alliance partners.

“We welcome Winn-Dixie as a new Alliance partner and look forward to
working together to help people in Florida and across the country learn
how to take control of their diabetes and improve their health,” said
Deneen Vojta, M.D., senior vice president, UnitedHealth Group and chief
clinical officer of the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance. “The
DPCA programs have been proven to make an impact on the nation’s
diabetes epidemic, and new partners like Winn-Dixie are helping to
broaden the reach of these programs to help individuals, families and
communities live healthier lives.”

The rate of diabetes in Florida has doubled over the past 15 years,
rising from 5.7 percent in 1995 to 9.9 percent currently, and ranking
Florida in the top 10 states in the country, according to a report by the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
. According to the Florida
Department of Health
, diabetes costs the state an estimated $8.7
billion annually.

created the Alliance, in partnership with the YMCA and retail
pharmacies, to help address the epidemic of prediabetes and type 2
diabetes. According to a report from the UnitedHealth Center for Health
Reform Modernization, if current trends continue, prediabetes and type
2 diabetes will affect more than half of all Americans at an annual cost
of $500 billion within the next decade.

There are two main components to the Alliance: the Diabetes Control
Program, designed to reduce health complications among people with
diabetes; and the Diabetes Prevention Program, which seeks to prevent or
delay the onset of type 2 diabetes among people who are at higher risk
for the disease.

Diabetes Control Program: Reducing Dangerous, Costly Diabetes

The Diabetes Control Program provides
individuals with diabetes access to trained pharmacists who provide
personalized coaching and counseling to help improve adherence to
treatment plans. Face-to-face consultations with community pharmacists
have proved effective in controlling diabetes and other chronic
diseases. The goal of the Control Program is for patients to lower their
blood glucose and HbA1c levels, an indicator of glucose management.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), every percentage
point drop in HbA1c correlates to a 40-percent decreased risk of
developing complications from diabetes such as heart disease, kidney
failure, blindness and limb amputations.

About Winn-Dixie
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. is one of the
nation’s largest food retailers. Founded in 1925, the Company is
headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. The Company currently operates
approximately 480 retail grocery locations, including approximately 380
in-store pharmacies, in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and
Mississippi. For more information, please visit www.winndixie.com.

About UnitedHealth Group
UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH – News) is a
diversified health and well-being company dedicated to helping people
live healthier lives and making health care work better. With
headquarters in Minnetonka, Minn., UnitedHealth Group offers a broad
spectrum of products and services through two distinct platforms:
UnitedHealthcare, which provides health care coverage and benefits
services; and Optum, which provides information and technology-enabled
health services. Through its businesses, UnitedHealth Group serves more
than 75 million people worldwide. Visit www.unitedhealthgroup.com
for more information.

About the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance (DPCA)
Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance is an employer- and
community-based initiative aimed at tipping the scales against type 2
diabetes, prediabetes and obesity. Launched in April 2010 by
UnitedHealth Group, with support from the Y and retail pharmacies, the
DPCA is anchored by two innovative programs: the Diabetes Prevention
Program, offered through the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program, which
is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-led National
Diabetes Prevention Program and designed to help people at high risk for
developing type 2 diabetes prevent or delay the disease through modest
weight loss promoted by healthy eating, increased activity, and other
lifestyle changes; and the Diabetes Control Program, which provides
individuals with diabetes access to trained pharmacists who provide
personalized coaching and counseling to help improve adherence to
treatment plans. Since its launch, the DPCA has expanded to include
partnerships with Walgreens, Albertsons, Kroger, Novo Nordisk, Rite Aid
and Home Healthcare Laboratory of America (HHLA), a subsidiary of
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings. DPCA programs are available
in 46 markets in 23 states and the District of Columbia and will
continue to roll out in additional cities across the country through

Article source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/winn-dixie-joins-diabetes-prevention-133000497.html


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