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VAP® Cholesterol Test Featured on ‘The Doctors’ TV Show

December 9, 2011

(Vertical Auto Profile) Cholesterol Test
from Atherotech Diagnostics
Lab was featured this week on the Emmy Award-winning syndicated series
“The Doctors.” The VAP Test and Atherotech’s Chief Medical Officer
Michael Cobble, M.D., were highlighted in the “Ten
Ways to Live a Longer Life”
episode, which included a discussion of
the importance of accurate and complete cholesterol testing.

“And it can identify hidden cholesterol problems that increase
your risk for serious illness.”

What is the VAP Test? It is the most comprehensive cholesterol test
available for the management of heart attack and stroke risk. The VAP
Test identifies a far greater number of people at risk for heart disease
than the standard cholesterol test, with direct and comprehensive
measurements of cholesterol markers associated with heart disease.
Research has shown that nearly 50 percent of patients admitted to the
hospital for heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels when measured
with a standard cholesterol test alone. The VAP Cholesterol Test:

  • Provides directly measured LDL, unaffected by triglyceride levels,
    making test results accurate in non-fasting patients
  • Reports 22 separate components of cholesterol — compared to just four
    in the standard cholesterol test — at no additional cost
  • Is covered by Medicare and most private insurance carriers

For more information on ordering the test, patients can ask their
doctor, visit the VAP
Test online
or call 877.901.8510.

“The Doctors” co-host Travis Stork, M.D., interviewed Cobble, who talked
about how the VAP Test can help identify hidden cholesterol issues that
can increase the risk of heart disease or diabetes, even if routine
cholesterol test results are normal.

“The exciting thing about this expanded lipid profile is that it’s more
comprehensive, measuring (more than) 20 cholesterol issues,” explained
Cobble. “And it can identify hidden cholesterol problems that increase
your risk for serious illness.”

Cobble added that the VAP Test provides physicians and clinicians the
detailed, actionable information they need to help target and treat
specific lipid and protein disorders.

“Having the VAP Test featured on this highly influential show has the
potential to help millions of Americans get a better understanding of
their heart attack and stroke risk with an accurate, affordable and
easy-to-order test,” Atherotech CEO Michael Mullen said. “The VAP Test
allows patients and doctors to track 22 cholesterol measurements,
enabling them to work with their doctors to make the lifestyle and
medical changes necessary to lead a longer, healthier life.”

Heart disease is the costliest and most deadly medical condition
affecting the U.S. The VAP Test directly measures risk factors
associated with heart disease, providing more accurate information than
the routine lipid test, which uses an outdated formula to estimate the
LDL value. Atherotech Diagnostics Lab provides physicians with a single
source for the VAP Test and more than a dozen cardiovascular and
metabolic tests. Atherotech provides its unique testing services to
physicians, hospitals, clinics and other laboratories throughout the U.S.

For more information, visit the VAP
Test online
or call 877.901.8510. Atherotech Diagnostics Lab is on
Twitter at www.Twitter.com/Atherotech
and also on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/Atherotech.

About Atherotech Diagnostics Lab

Atherotech is a CLIA-certified clinical reference laboratory and
cardiodiagnostic company focusing on cardiometabolic tests, including
the company’s patented VAP Cholesterol Test, which reports the
cholesterol content of all lipids, components and subclasses. The VAP
Test is the first cholesterol profile to comply with updated National
Cholesterol Education Program ATP III recommendations for direct LDL
measurement, which is accurate with non-fasting samples. The VAP Test is
available through national and regional diagnostic laboratories and is
reimbursed by many of the largest private insurers as well as Medicare.
For more information, visit

Article source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20111209005759/en/VAP%C2%AE-Cholesterol-Test-Featured-%E2%80%98The-Doctors%E2%80%99-TV


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