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Upgrade Autoimmune Diagnostic Testing Using Multiplex Technology

August 7, 2012



Simplify clinical diagnosis of autoimmune disease with Gold Standard Diagnostics’ (GSD) comprehensive offering of multiplex autoimmune assays. GSD has partnered with Theradiag (formerly known as Biomedical Diagnostics, BMD) to provide laboratories with the FIDIS™ suite of products for detection of the autoantibodies associated with connective tissue diseases, CREST syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis, polymyositis, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, Sjögren syndrome, thyroid syndromes, Celiac and many others. Major benefits of the FIDIS™ multiplex product suite include: up to 13 results in a single well, reduced labor and overhead, increased throughput, small sample volume and full automation.

Simplify Your Laboratory Experience with Multiplex…

Autoimmune diagnosis can be complicated and expensive. Multiplex technology allows clinicians to perform an entire panel of assays in a single well and generate the same results with drastically less laboratory resources and patient sample requirements. For example, the FIDIS™ Connective 10 panel simultaneously detects antibodies for dsDNA, SS-A, SS-B, RNP, Sm, Jo-1, Scl-70, ribosomal P and centromere — all in a single well. Capture major cost savings through decreased labor and higher throughput while remaining eligible for the same reimbursements as performing a panel of assays individually.

How Multiplex and FIDIS™ Work…

The FIDIS™ system employs Luminex® xMAP® technology, along with proprietary MLX booster™ software to provide rapid and precise results for autoimmune diagnosis. xMAP® uses proprietary microsphere beads for multiplexing. A single well can contain up to 500 microsphere beads, each coated with a reagent specific to a particular assay. The beads are color coded, allowing for accurate, automated reading of results by an advanced optical system.

Additional ELISA Autoimmune Options…

Gold Standard Diagnostics also offers a large number of ELISA assays for early autoimmune screening and to expand beyond the scope of tests available in the FIDIS™ format. All ELISA assays are fully validated as “ThunderBolt-Ready” and deploy seamlessly on the ThunderBolt® EIA+CLIA Automation Platform. Realize maximum laboratory benefit quickly and easily through GSD’s outstanding setup, service and support for the entire solution of reagents and instrumentation.

The ThunderBolt® EIA+CLIA Automation Platform

Through a host of patent-pending features, the ThunderBolt® delivers exceptional power and flexibility in a small size. The dual function analyzer provides complete, walk-away automation of 192 patient samples in only a 2’ by 2’ space. Completely open architecture allows any EIA or CLIA protocol to be programmed, and up to eight different protocols to run in a single batch. Intuitive and robust software further enriches the ThunderBolt®, making it the total laboratory automation solution.

Innovative ThunderBolt® Features…

  • High Precision Micro-Syringe – Aspirate 1 µl with less than 3% CV.
  • Convection Incubator – Eliminate “edge effect” by evenly heating each well.
  • Orbital Shaker – No-spill design, up to 900 RPM.
  • Built-in Reader(s) – Ultra-compact and fully-automated reader options (EIA or CLIA+EIA).
  • Intelligent Racks – Reduce errors with Positive Patient Identification.
  • Barcode Reader – Combined with Intelligent Racks to streamline loading and reduce errors.
  • On-Board Camera – Remote diagnostics for maximum uptime.
  • Powerful Software – Powerful test designer, custom report generator, LIS compatible, bi-directional interface.

More information: http://www.gsdx.us/autoimmune

Contact Gold Standard Diagnostics

Simplify Your Laboratory Experience

Contact Gold Standard Diagnostics for more information:

Email: info@gsdx.us | Phone: (530) 759-8000 | Web: http://www.gsdx.us/

About Gold Standard Diagnostics:

Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD) provides comprehensive diagnostic solutions that improve lab efficiency and minimize overall costs. Through an extensive product menu, automated instrument platforms, and outstanding customer service, GSD solves real laboratory problems. The result is a seamless laboratory experience achieved through an integrated approach.

More information is available at http://www.gsdx.us/

About Theradiag (Biomedical Diagnostics, BMD):

Theradiag has over 25 years of experience in the autoimmune disorder diagnostics market. It is currently moving into the theranostic testing market to improve biotherapy monitoring, including for autoimmune diseases. The company is based in Marne la Vallée (France) and has approximately 50 employees.

For more information about the company, visit: http://www.theradiag.com

For Gold Standard Diagnostics Cheryl Cink, 530-219-3949 ccink@syncpr.com

Article source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/upgrade-autoimmune-diagnostic-testing-using-131100465.html


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