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Molecular Diagnostic Test, Early Warning Tool Against Diseases

March 21, 2012

MANILA, Philippines – Despite numerous check-ups and diagnostic tests, his cancer was not detected until it was too late . . .” For thousands of Filipino families, this is a familiar statement regarding the nightmare of losing a loved one because of inaccurate and much-delayed medical diagnosis.

Fortunately, a high-tech (yet affordable) solution is now available in the Philippines: ”Molecular Diagnostic” (MD) tests, a service offered by the partnership of Ambica Biotechnologies (www.ambicaphilippines.com) and the multi-billion-dollar global pharma giant, Reliance Life Sciences India (www.rellife.com).

MD tests are the most advanced and superior alternative to traditional serologic and pathologic laboratory tests which are not sensitive and specific enough to detect the targeted anomalies.

The United States government’s National Cancer Institute provides a simplified explanation:

”Before molecular diagnostics, clinicians categorized cancer cells according to their pathology, that is, according to their appearance under a microscope.

”Borrowing from two new disciplines, genomics and proteomics, molecular diagnostics categorizes cancer using technology such as mass spectrometry and gene chips. Genomics is the study of all the genes in a cell or organism, while proteomics is the study of all the proteins. Molecular diagnostics determines how these genes and proteins are interacting in a cell. It focuses upon patterns–gene and protein activity patterns–in different types of cancerous or precancerous cells. Molecular diagnostics uncovers these sets of changes and captures this information as expression patterns. Also called ‘molecular signatures,’ these expression patterns are improving the clinicians’ ability to diagnose cancer. Soon all cancers may be diagnosed this way.”

Thus, while traditional lab tests rely more on general diagnostic methods and modalities, MD tests analyze the specific and target-sensitive molecular structures. Examples would include genes, chromosomes and proteins of the blood and tissue samples. Consequently, MD test results are more specific, more sensitive and more accurate than traditional lab tests.

Not just cancer

More good news: MD tests are not limited to diagnosing cancer conditions. It is an equally effective diagnostic tool against dengue, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria and many other diseases.

For couples, MD tests are even capable, to a certain extent, of predicting and diagnosing infertility problems.

For pregnant women, through pre-natal diagnosis, MD tests can predict the probability that the fetus will be afflicted with Patau, Edward, Down or other congenital syndromes which have serious or even fatal consequences for the baby.

MD tests do not only provide early detection of cancer; they can also give highly reliable projections on the probability that a presently healthy patient will develop cancer, thus providing these patients and their doctors with additional tools for preventive measures to be undertaken.

A related service to the MD test services is ”cord blood banking,” ”cord tissue banking,” and ”stem cell banking,” wherein blood and tissue from the baby’s umbilical cord are gathered at birth and cryopreserved (for many years) under strictly controlled laboratory conditions, for the purpose of having a ready and reliable source of stem cells which the baby – or an immediate nuclear relative – might need in the future to cure all kinds of diseases, such as different types of cancers, diabetes, arthritis, neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s, etc.).

For patients who want to avail of MD tests, all they have to do is request their attending physicians to facilitate the process. For doctors who want to avail of MD tests for their patients, they can contact Dr. Joseph T. Sera Jose, the Medical Advisor of Ambica Biotechnologies, phone nos. 552-34-83 to 84, local 117 or 106; mobile: (0917)570-3861; e-mail: joseph.serajose@ambicaphilippines.com (For more health information, visit www.ambicaphilippines.com).

Article source: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/early-warning-tool-against-diseases-163736367.html


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