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Metabolon to Showcase Quantose™ Test at AACC Clinical Lab Expo

August 10, 2012


Metabolon, Inc., announced today that Quantose™, its new prediabetes blood test, will be featured at the 2012 AACC Clinical Lab Expo, being held July 17-19 in Los Angeles, CA. Two poster presentations at the Expo will demonstrate the test’s utility to detect patients at risk for diabetes, even within the healthy range of hemoglobin A1C. In addition, information on Quantose™ and on the firm’s expanding diagnostic portfolio will be available at the Metabolon booth (#1150). For Metabolon, a pioneer in the field of metabolomics, Quantose™ represents the first in a line of several new diagnostic products the company plans to bring market, including metabolomics-driven tests focused on metabolic disease and cancer.

Quantose™, the firm’s lead product, is a novel blood test for prediabetes that reflects insulin resistance. The test is based on three recently identified non-glycemic biomarkers and insulin, and detects progression to prediabetes earlier than traditional glycemic measures such a hemoglobin A1C. By reflecting insulin resistance, Quantose™ provides clinicians with a useful tool that goes beyond glycemic measures to stratify their patients based on risk for developing diabetes.

Two posters highlighting the clinical utility of Quantose™ will be presented at the Expo.

Quantose™: A Prediabetes Diagnostic That Correlates with Multiple Risk Factors for Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease.

  • The clinical utility of Quantose™ as a simple, practical measure of insulin resistance will be demonstrated in this poster session with data highlighting the correlations between Quantose™ and other known risk factors for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The presentation will include the notable finding that Quantose™ detected a significant number of insulin resistant individuals within the normal range of hemoglobin A1C – further substantiating Quantose™ as a useful complement to hemoglobin A1C in assessing prediabetes. The poster (#B-46 – Endocrinology/Hormones) will be presented by Dr. Jeff Cobb at Poster Session B on Tuesday, July 17, from 2:00p.m.-4:30p.m.

Differences in Insulin Resistance Stratification Using HbA1c and Metabolic Markers Alpha-hydroxybutyrate, Linoleoyl-GPC, and Oleate.

  • This poster will highlight the results of a clinical study performed at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill comparing the Quantose™ metabolic markers to hemoglobin A1C for the ability to detect insulin resistance. Data to be presented include the finding that Quantose™ scores closely track worsening dysglycemia as defined by hemoglobin A1C, but that Quantose™ also identifies a substantial subset of patients as insulin resistant despite hemoglobin A1C values within the normal range (5.7%). The poster (#C-91 – Mass Spectrometry Applications) will be presented by Dr. Steven Cotten at Poster Session C on Wednesday, July 18, from 10:30a.m.-12:30p.m.

About Metabolon Metabolon, Inc. has advanced the field of metabolomics by pioneering and patenting the industry’s leading biochemical biomarker discovery and profiling platform. It has developed the technology to quickly identify and measure all of the biochemicals in a biological sample through its proprietary global processing method. Through the generation and interpretation of data, this method provides a precise understanding of disease etiology and drug action, and advances personalized medicine beyond what genomics and other approaches can promise. Metabolon’s expertise is being embraced by a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and agricultural companies. Metabolytics, its biomarker discovery and analysis business, has completed over 500 client studies and processed over 50,000 samples for customers in 2011 alone. Building on its expertise in biochemistry understanding, Metabolon is also developing proprietary diagnostic tests to determine and track disease progression. For more information about Metabolon, please visit www.metabolon.com or contact Matt Zaske at mzaske@metabolon.com or 919-595-2200.


Article source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/metabolon-showcase-quantoset-test-aacc-183200945.html


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