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High Blood Pressure Facebook Question

February 1, 2012

(Savannah, GA) Have you checked your heart health lately. More women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined.
Called the silent killer, 1 in 3 women die of cardiovascular disease according to The American Heart Association.
And right now 8 million U.S. women are living with heart disease.
Heart Disease is the topic of our health question from facebook.
Shannon says she’s trying to control her diet and is watching her sodium intake.
She writes- “How does high blood pressure affect my heart?
Dr. Lucas Lewin is with St. Joseph’s/Candler.
“The reality is that high blood pressure will make your heart enlarge will make your arteries your pipes in your body ages prematurely. And as a consequence the same thing as a building gets old and the pipes get old rusty. You pass 40, you pass 50, suddenly you have a leak in one of your pipes in the brain and that’s a stroke or in the heart could be a heart attack. That’s why it’s so important that you don’t let up.”
Dr. Lewin says many cases are inherited.
If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure don’t ignore your diagnosis.
“Just taking one pill a day will keep the doctor away literally. So regarding the diet definitely a low salt diet will help. On the other hand it probably won’t be enough.”
I will share more heart health facebook questions and answers with you throughout the month of February. If you have a health question you’d like answered… “like” my fan page – WSAV Tina Tyus-Shaw– and drop me a line!


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