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Echinacea and breastfeeding


Despite the evidence that the use of Echinacea during pregnancy does not increase the risk of birth defects or other pregnancy related health problems, you need to talk with your doctor before you take any supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Actually there isn’t any research on Echinacea’s use in breastfeeding moms. It isn’t considered very toxic and is probably safe for many moms. However, it has been known to stimulate T-cell activity, so moms with autoimmune disorders should probably steer clear. Allergic reactions and asthma attacks have also been reported. To be safe, discuss any herbal supplements with a health care professional before beginning treatment, especially when you are pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Although herbs are natural, they are not always safe, especially for breastfeeding mothers. Many herbals contain ingredients that have effects similar to certain medications that pass through the breastmilk and potentially could be dangerous to a nursing mother and her infant.

There are no rules or regulations for the distribution of herbs, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish safe versus potentially dangerous herbal preparations. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is mandated to control the safety of all medications and infant formula in theUnited States, but herbs are not included in this definition. Because herbal preparations are not regulated by the FDA, there is no requirement to list the ingredients of such preparations on the label. Perhaps more dangerous is the fact that many herbal preparations list some of the ingredients, but not others that may be potentially dangerous.

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