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Why You Must Drink More Water


By N. Curtis

I think people take water for granted. They don’t understand how important it really is. Adequate water consumption is essential for overall health, as it flushes out waste and bacteria that can cause diseases. When people tell me that they don’t like water, I look at them like they’re crazy.

Much has been said about whether you really need 8 cups of water a day or not. The bottom line is you need to drink enough water so that your urine looks light yellow. Not all of this water needs to be consumed in liquid form because nearly every food you eat contains water.

The human body is made up of approximately 75% water and requires adequate amounts of water for body functions. Oftentimes a case of dehydration is mistaken for other ailments. There are many conditions that water can treat and prevent.

A shortage of water in the heart and lungs can cause angina or heart pain. While under medical supervision a person can become pain free and come off of all medications for angina by increasing their water intake.

Painful joints and rheumatoid arthritis can be linked to a shortage of water within the joint. Painkillers can be used to mask the problem but this does not treat the actual problem at hand. An increase in the amount of water that you currently drink as well as a small amount of salt is needed to relieve arthritis.

Asthma is one of the most destructive forms of dehydration that affects millions of people and kills thousands annually. An increased intake of water can bring the balance back in the body and allow airways to open freely again. An increase in salt can also assist in breaking up the mucus plugs within the lungs that block the airflow within the air sacs.

Autoimmune disease
Since water is needed for proper brain activity and neurotransmitter composition within the brain, a deficiency of water can cause health problems including autoimmune diseases. Some of these diseases include; Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lupus, Diabetes, muscular dystrophy and other autoimmune diseases.

A lack of water within the colon can trigger colitis and colon pain. As the colon works to remove water from the waste material, a lack of lubrication within the colon can irritate and damage the colon itself. When increasing your water intake, constipation is relieved and the colon is able to properly remove waste products without fighting for moisture to form stool or lubricate the bowels.

Back pain
A shortage of water and the spinal column and within the disks causes back pain. The disks are made up of cushions of fluid and without an adequate intake of water these cushions dry up. Treating with pain killers, chiropractic treatments, and surgical procedures can cause further injury to the back. Increasing water intake can prevent and treat back pain effectively without the risks that these other procedures involve.

Depression and other conditions
A lack of water within the brain can make it difficult for the brain to function on certain levels causing conditions including depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, fatigue and even impotence. Bringing the amounts of water back to an appropriate level and continuing to keep these levels will clear up these conditions. Unfortunately, sufferers are usually given medications that usually do more harm than good.

Adult-onset diabetes is a result of dehydration. Insulin helps to push water into the cells so when the brain requires the body to reserve water for its functions the body slows the release of insulin to help preserve the water balance. During the early stages of adult onset diabetes appropriate amounts of water can help to reduce this problem. Once the body gets into the habit of rationing water to the cells and allowing some cells to function on barely adequate amounts of water the damage begins. In the early stages increasing water intake can reverse this condition that once it has been allowed to continue Adult-onset diabetes can cause damage to several different areas of the body.

Heart Burn
Heartburn is caused by an increase in acidity in the fluids that are in the upper GI tract due to lack of water. Many people do not recognize this as a sign of dehydration and treat with antacids and other medications instead of increasing their water intake. Not recognizing this problem can also cause further complications as dehydration continues and inflammation begins in the stomach.

High Blood Pressure
As the body adapts to a lack of water to fill all of the blood vessels and cells that need water, high blood pressure occurs. Water and a small amount of salt can bring blood pressure back to normal. This is because the body injects water into vital cells and without that water the body has to adapt. Treating high blood pressure with diuretics further dehydrates the body and complicates the issue. With time this will cause more serious complications. Increasing water intake levels can alleviate this problem.

High Cholesterol
Cholesterol levels are a tract indicator of dehydration and the balance of water within the body. The main function of cholesterol is manufacturer of nerve cells and hormones; the body also uses cholesterol to fill in gaps in the cells to protect them from losing water content to the blood as it flows through that area. Increasing the amounts of water within the body system negates this need for a shield or barrier against water loss and will naturally lower cholesterol.

Kidney stones
These can be extremely painful and totally preventable. The main cause of kidney stones is not drinking enough water. When you’re not drinking enough water, substances in the urine crystallize and form a stone.

A lack of water in the brain and eye area causes migraine headaches. Continually drinking an appropriate amount of water to prevent dehydration will not only cure migraines but prevent them from happening. The type of dehydration causing migraines can also cause inflammation in the back of the eye, which can lead to the loss of sight.

I could go on and on and on but you get the idea. Drink more water right now. Save yourself from suffering that is oftentimes totally preventable. What are you waiting for?

Nate Curtis has written dozens of health articles and is the author of the Amazingly Informative and Extremely Entertaining Free Special Health Report “It’s Your Body, You Can Die If You Want To!” Check it out now at http://www.youcandieifyouwantto.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=N._Curtis


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