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The Basics of Longevity

By John Shiloh

The secrets of longevity are really the basics of living a wholesome, harmonious lifestyle and existence. With degenerative diseases so rampant in our societies with cancer and cardiovascular disease at the top of the list, it’s necessary to return to the basics. Creating a basic foundation to reach and maintain a healthy existence should be our first objective.

To achieve this basic foundation, we must continually focus our attention on a few areas that shape our physical, mental and emotional development. Three specific areas that demand our attention are nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. When we are able to master these three areas of self-development, then we are able to live a longer, healthier life.

NUTRITION is important to living a healthy life and long existence, because it does matter what we eat. The foods that we put in our mouths gets digested and used as nutrients for cellular development and survival. Many people lack the proper nutrition to feed the cells of their body. Because the cells are lacking proper nutrition, a person may resort to over-feeding. Unfortunately, over-feeding doesn’t result in better nutrition. It usually results in getting the wrong substances, which negatively effects our level of health.

Eating right consists of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, as these food sources have the highest amount of nutrients. If you must eat meat to get your daily protein fix, then focus on lean meats like fish and poultry. Try to stay away from red meat, if at all possible.

In addition to eating right, you should fill your body with plenty of water, as H2O is one of the most vital nutrients on the planet. The human body is made up of 70 to 75 percent water and the human brain is made up of over 90 percent water. Rehydrating the body is important to health and longevity.

EXERCISE is important, as the human body was designed by God, Nature or the Universe, to move. Movement is part of our existence. In order to do anything, we must have uninhibited and unblocked reign of movement. However, when we don’t get the exercise the body requires to keep flexible and agile, it gets rusty. The body doesn’t need strenuous exercise to get a good workout.

Walking is a great form of exercise. If you walk during the day for 20 to 30 minutes, you can get your daily exercise as well as the vital nutrients that sunlight gives human beings. Other forms of exercise that keep the body filled with energy and vitality include yoga, qigong, tai chi and pilates. For yoga and pilates, you want to focus on the gentle styles that tone the muscles and test your level of flexibility and strength.

STRESS REDUCTION is important to a healthy lifestyle, because too much stress leads to mental and physical illnesses. Having some stress in life is fine, but it should be balanced and eliminated whenever possible. Enduring too much stress for too long physically causes a person to get sick. Stress drains a person of energy, hinders cellular communication and forms knots in the muscles in the body through tension.

Some forms of stress reduction include breathing exercise, meditation and exercise. Walking, again, is great for human health, because it gets the body moving, the blood pumping and reduces stress.

If you can focus on these three basic lifestyle choices (nutrition, exercise and stress reduction), then you can establish a foundation of longevity.

John Shiloh is seeking the fountain of youth. He’s also a longevity researcher, pastoral counselor and writer. He enjoys sharing the latest research, news and information about longevity and anti-aging. His life-long goal is to live a hundred years or more. Subscribe to his mailing list at LongevitySecretsExposed.com for more powerful tips to fuel your longevity.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Shiloh


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