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How to Prepare for a Doctor Appointment

 By Felix Chesterfield

Going to the doctor is never an enjoyable ordeal. If you are ill or experiencing pain, then the last thing you want is to be further poked and prodded. If you are healthy and feeling well, then the last thing you want to is to be further poked and prodded. But, for prudence, it is occasionally a necessary endeavor to ensure the optimum health in both the short and long term. Take note that through preparation, you can make a trip to the doctor’s office go as painless as possible (relatively speaking). Just follow these simple tips:

* Mentally prepare for your visit. There are typically not a whole lot of surprises regarding the procedures of a visit (although the diagnosis can often throw us for a loop). If you prepare yourself to be patient and deal with the aforementioned poking and prodding, then you better be able to handle it. And if you expect, but instead get in and out with minimum invasion, then you will be pleasantly surprised.

* Take note of your symptoms. It may surprise the reader to know that many patients actually forget some of their symptoms when they go to the doctor’s office. They may tell their physician about the sniffles and stomach ache, but not the headache they had the night before. Doctors try to cover for situations like this by asking questions about expected symptoms, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. It is important to note that every piece of information you give the doctor helps them to better complete the puzzle and make an accurate diagnosis, so be as thorough and complete as possible and let the trained professional determine what is important and what is just a side note.

* Have your documentation with you. I am primarily referring to your insurance information and any form of identification if you need. Take these things even if you have been to this doctor before. Just because they have them on file does not always mean they are accessible. It is like your office – things get lost for short (or even long) periods. The trip will be much smoother and shorter if you have your documents with you and they can get another copy in these instances. Also make sure to include any medications you are currently taking and/or have been on in your recent history.

* Don’t be a know it all. You ever hear the old adage that doctors make the worst patients? This is because nothing is worse than a self diagnosing patient. Do not assume that because you read something on WebMD (which is a valuable resource, but still less reliable than the physician standing in front of you) that you are on par with a person who has a medical degree. And also, please do not tell the doctor that you need a certain type of prescription because the television commercial you saw told you to ask for it. Again, they are the professionals; they will diagnose you and provide you the prescription that you need.

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