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How to Lower Cholesterol Quickly -Six Natural Ways


By Tina Kala

A high cholesterol level is not the monopoly of overweight individuals. Slim people who lead inactive lives or eat foods with a high content of saturated fats and cholesterol can also have a similar problem. A high cholesterol level is dangerous since it leads to various kinds of coronary diseases including heart attack and stroke. If you are deemed to have high cholesterol level and need to lower it quickly, here are some natural ways of doing that.

1. Take three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) daily. Mix one tablespoon of ACV to your morning tea and drink with a little extra honey to taste. The tea may taste a little bit strange but this method is particularly effective. As an alternative, you can mix the other two tablespoons into your meal or salad, drink directly or put it into your juice. ACV is claimed to be able to help eliminate undesired substances from our body. While there is no conclusive scientific proof of this method, some people who have tried this method show significant cholesterol reduction.

2. Based on a research done by the New Orleans-based American Heart Association, taking red rice yeast and omega-3 supplements together daily helps lower cholesterol levels in no time. People with normal cholesterol levels will have a lower risk of a heart attack if they take this combination regularly.

3. LDL (saturated fats) is the bad cholesterol behind a heart attack risk. On the other hand, HDL (monounsaturated fats) is the good cholesterol that keeps your heart healthy and combats the LDL. Avoid foods with saturated fats such as meat and consume more foods that contain good HDL cholesterol and low fat such as oats, salmon and fatty fish, nuts, fruits, tea, beans, margarine, spinach, chocolate, olive oil, avocado, and garlic.

4. Eliminate stress by trying meditation, biofeedback or relaxation exercises. Stress not only heightens the cholesterol buildup in your arteries, it heightens your blood pressure as well. If you have chronic stress, take a day or two off and do relaxing activities to calm and refresh your mind and body.

5. Maintain normal weight, or lose excess weight by exercising at least five times a week. The exercise does not have to be a high-intensity vigorous workout. By spending 30 minutes each day doing walking, dancing, running, jogging, swimming or other fun activities, you are one step further away from high cholesterol levels.

6. Cutting back or eliminating alcohol, caffeine, and smoking should be done for faster cholesterol level reduction. Alcohol and caffeine contribute to higher levels of cholesterol, while cigarettes and other tobacco products damage blood vessels and harden the arteries.

This article shows you how to lower cholesterol quickly in natural ways. Find out how to prevent heart diseases from our link.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tina_Kala


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