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Former ‘Survivor’ Winner Ethan Zohn Opens Up About His Cancer Returning

December 11, 2011

Despite Ethan Zohn‘s cancer returning after being in remission for two years, the “Survivor: Africa” winner and “Amazing Race” contestant said he’s hopeful that he’ll beat cancer once and for all.

“Right now, I’m feeling good. I’m on a new incredible drug, SGN-35,” the reality star and former soccer player told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Friday’s Access Hollywood Live . “I don’t look sick, but inside it’s ‘War of the Worlds.’ After this I go in for another stem cell transplant and after that I’ll be healed and cured for life.”

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In September, Ethan’s rare form of Hodgkin’s disease returned, something he says was harder to deal with the second time around.

“It really was, just because, you know, you’ve gone through so much, we paid our dues to cancer, and here it is coming back,” the 38-year-old explained. “It’s frustrating, disappointment, sadness. On the flip side, you use all that fear and disgust to turn it against cancer and use it to keep positive and moving forward.”

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Girlfriend Jenna Morasca, another “Survivor” alumnus, echoed Ethan’s sentiment about his cancer returning.

“I think the second time was a lot harder,” she told Billy and Kit. “We had two years where we were just over it. We made plans, we were ready to move forward, so for me, it was a lot harder for me this time. I took it a lot harder.”

The couple, who hosts “Everyday Health” on ABC and plans to document Ethan’s treatment in hopes of helping others, said his current treatment is aiming to cure the cancer.

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“They’re looking at this with curative intent, which is good. It’s not like they’re just going to make me feel comfortable for the rest of [my] life,” Ethan said. “Life is going to be back to normal at some point.”

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Article source: http://news.yahoo.com/former-survivor-winner-ethan-zohn-opens-cancer-returning-205135369.html


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