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ECO VITA Announces Some Advice to Help Lower Blood Pressure with Herbal Tea

January 8, 2012

Herbal teas will be beneficial to lower blood pressure in the human body. For example, tea made with buckwheat grains contain antioxidants that helps repair interior the lining of blood vessels. Eco Vita is proud to offer TEN-CHI TEA that blends twelve key medicinal herbs together.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 06, 2012

There is a quantifiable connection between herbal tea and a healthy, lower blood pressure. It might seem strange that drinking tea can lower blood pressure, but it can’t be just any tea. Herbal tea works the best in people who want to lower their blood pressure in a safe, non-medicinal fashion. High blood pressure is known as a silent killer; most people don’t know of the danger signs until it’s nearly too late. However, continual use of herbal tea can help reduce the systolic blood pressure (the first number in a blood pressure reading) by an average of 7 points. (*1)

An average of a 7-point drop may seem rather small, but it reduces the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. While drinking tea should not completely replace seeking medical treatment from a doctor, it is a homeopathic remedy that people can use to do something about it on their own. The types of herbal tea used for such a remedy varies, and it’s all up to individual taste. The benefits are rather immediate; there are no harsh chemicals used. The tea can be used, in effect, like herbal medicine.

Take a look at a few herbs and see how they may help improve high blood pressure. Tea made with buckwheat grains, for example, contains an antioxidant that helps repair the interior lining of blood vessels that may have been damaged by high blood pressure. Hibiscus tea consumption on a regular basis has been shown to reduce high blood pressure; its effects can be compared to taking the drug Captopril. Cramp bark in tea can reduce blood pressure by increasing circulation in the arteries. The end result is a relaxed, soothing feeling. Alfalfa also helps promote a healthy blood pressure, as does hawthorn and marigold. (*2)

Herbal tea is relatively easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of guesswork: All that is needed is the herb (or herbs) desired and hot water. Put the herbs in the hot water and allow it to steep for 15 to 20 minutes; that’s it. So many people have found that herbal tea is the soothing, refreshing, simple way to alleviate the ailments they have. If symptoms are severe, then prescription medication in conjunction with herbal tea is a more effective way to go.

Herbal teas have grown popular in recent years because of their homeopathic properties. The natural healing properties of herbs make them an attractive alternative to using medication, and the low risk of side effects is also an added bonus. The connection between herbal tea and healthy blood pressure is rather evident. Herbs can naturally lower blood pressure, so the need for medication isn’t quite as necessary. Those who haven’t considered using herbal tea as part of their treatment for high blood pressure are missing a key component and probably don’t even know it. TEN-CHI TEA is a Japanese tea that blends 12 key medicinal herbs together into one tea. Hypertension sufferers will obviously benefit from drinking a cup or two of the tea each day. (*3)


*1: http://www.ehow.com/about_5209627_herbal-tea-high-blood-pressure.html; http://www.webmd.com/heart/news/20081110/hibiscus-tea-may-cut-blood-pressure

*2: http://www.livestrong.com/article/279818-herbal-tea-and-blood-pressure/*3: http://www.ehow.com/way_5285780_ways-pressure-using-herbal-medicine.html

About the Company

Eco Vita, LLC is an environmentally conscious, health product company, positioned to deliver vital herbal and natural products in the United States. The company is dedicated to social responsibility in areas of the world that supply their products. Eco Vita is a member of the UN Global Compact.


Tadahisa Kumagai
Eco Vita, LLC
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Article source: http://news.yahoo.com/eco-vita-announces-advice-help-lower-blood-pressure-154614460.html


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