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How to improve circulation

How to improve circulation


How to improve circulation? Most doctors recommend natural remedies to improve blood circulation before taking medications.

Unhealthy lifestyle causes improper circulation in most cases and improper blood circulation can cause grave consequences, from cold feet and hands to numbness, pain and tingling in feet, legs, hands and arms to serious circulation problems.

Improving the blood circulation will improve the transport of nourishment, the elimination of toxins, and the function of the Heart, Liver, idneys and Lymphatic (Immune) System

You’ll be surprised at just how easy it can be to improve your circulation, following just a few simple techniques, lifestyle changes and changing your diet, dropping a few unhealthy options and picking up some delicious foods.

Exercise help to improve blood circulation

1. Regular exercise

Regular exercise helps improve blood circulation and keeps you healthy. You could engage in any kind of physical activity that involves movement of hands and feet such as swimming, running, dancing etc. If your work involves sitting for long time, take small breaks in between for stretching exercises. Stretch your fingers, hands arms neck, shoulders and legs out wide, for 10 to 15 minutes

So whenever you notice you’ve been inactive for a while, get up and move! 30 minutes exercise every day. It helps to improve circulation and it helps your mind.

2. Yoga

Most yoga poses stretch and strengthen the entire body rather than one small area. There’s also more focus on oxygen intake and breathing, as well as centering your entire body rather than one small area.

3. Go for a walk.

Going for walks, especially after you eat a meal, improves circulation. Walking also helps your digestive system digest your food for you.

Change your eating and drinking habits to improve blood circulation

1. Drink water

Water is a very essential for healthy blood circulation. You must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Red tea also can improve your circulation.

2. Eat a balance diet

Diets rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and poultry will help improve blood circulation.

3. Take multivitamins

Taking a multivitamin daily will ensure that your body receives all the vitamins and minerals required for its proper functioning in adequate amounts and improve blood circulation. For example take some vitamins, such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-Complex, Omega 3 fish oil, etc.

4. Take herbs

There are lots of herbs and spices which improve blood circulation. These include ginkgo, cayenne, ginger and garlic. Modern research shows that a regular intake of Garlic, along will many other curative properties, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. It cleanses the blood, tones the heart and circulatory system, helps prevent heart disease, helps in high blood pressure and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. Ginger stimulates all tissues of the body and is fantastic for poor circulation. Ginger, Garlic, Ginkgo and Cayenne in a tincture can be easily and speedily absorbed by the body.

5. Add citrate to your diet

Include citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and grapefruit in your diet. Drink plenty of lemonade. Citrus fruits contain citrate which naturally improving circulation.

6. Monitor your blood glucose levels

Carefully monitor your blood sugar levels as increased sugar content in the blood can cause bad or poor circulation. Diabetic patients are more vulnerable to the disease, so they should take special care.

7. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol and caffeine intake

Smoking is one of the major causes of poor blood circulation as it increases cholesterol and causes the hardening of arteries thereby restricting the blood flow. Restrict your alcohol and caffeine intake to the minimum as they too trigger poor circulation. Reduce or eliminate caffeine. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it constricts blood vessels in your brain and also decreases general circulation.

8. Take anti platelet drugs such as statins and aspirin to bust blood clots and allow easier passage for
blood flow.

Physical methods to improve your blood circulation

1. Use heat therapy

Heat therapy is an effective method to increase blood circulation as it relaxes the blood vessels. For this, you can use hot packs, hot water bottles or heating pads. Keep your hands and feet covered with compression socks and gloves. Take a warm bath. Soaking your body, particularly your feet, in warm water can boost blood flow to improve blood circulation.

2. Massage

A foot massage on a regular basis helps improve blood circulation to various body organs. You can visit a spa for this purpose.

Another way to improve leg circulation, get rid of that nasty cold foot and still work at your desk is to use this thing called the StepIt Exercise Foot Pedal.

Massage you head top for 10 -15 minutes before you get sleep will also help to improve your circulation and quality of sleep.

Traditional Chinese Medical Methods to improve blood circulation

Acupuncture and some traditional Chinese medicines can improve blood circulation, just see a traditional Chinese physician and get help.

Example: Traditional Chinese herbs for foot soaking


10 grams of Astragalus

10 gram of Chinese angelica

10 gram of Kudzu root

5 gram ofSzechwan

5 gram of Safflower.

Methods: Put all the herbs in gauze bag and tie tight. Put suitable water about 2000mL, leave it for 20
minutes to soften the herbs, boil it for about 10 minutes. Pour the solution into the basin for foot soaking, adjust the temperature to warm, soak your feet for 20 minutes everyday. This procedure will improve blood circulation gradually

Relax your mind while you relax your body to improve circulation

Relax your mind while you relax your body will improve your circulation even more, and that is a fact. Mental anxiety can lead to circulatory problems. Find an enjoyable hobby, get enough sleep, exercise regularly and learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and yoga stretches.

How to improve circulation? Just do a couple of above things consistently for a week or two, your circulation will be absolutely improved.


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