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Medical Devices


Free home colon test kits available

March 22, 2012

WATERLOO, Iowa — Fear is no excuse to take risks when it comes to matters of health. That’s what Kendra Luze, 52, tells family members, loved ones, co-workers, anyone who will listen. Specifically, Luze, a unit secretary in the emergency room at Sartori Memorial Hospital in Cedar Falls, tells them to get their colon...
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Why Not Prevent and Reverse Coronary Heart Disease with New Thermobalancing Therapy Avoiding Potentially Harmful …

March 16, 2012

Fine Treatment recommends new Thermobalancing Therapy for prevention coronary heart disease and it also reverses cardiovascular disease without resorting to potentially harmful invasive procedures. This natural therapy increases the blood flow in the heart improving the condition of the heart muscle and relieving angina. London, UK (PRWEB) March 08, 2012 New Thermobalancing Therapy can...
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Smartphone diabetes device launched

March 16, 2012

A new device launched in the UK will enable diabetics to manage their condition with a smartphone. The £48 hi-tech glucose monitor, being rolled out at Boots stores, attaches to the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. It allows sufferers to check their blood sugar levels at any time using their phone or MP3 player....
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Zona Plus: Can squeezing a ball help cut your blood pressure?

March 8, 2012
Zona Plus: Can squeezing a ball help cut your blood pressure?

  By Pat Hagan Last updated on 6th March 2012 Reducing the pressure? A computerised stress ball could help to dilate and widen blood vessels A hand-held device that you squeeze for ten minutes a day could be a powerful new treatment for high blood pressure. The gadget, a kind of computerised stress ball,...
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NHS Makes £200 Non-Drug Hypertension Treatment Device Available on Prescription

February 3, 2012

People suffering from hypertension (also known as high blood pressure) are typically advised to switch to a healthier diet, get more exercise and lose weight, plus they are often put on a combination of several medications. As of today,UKresidents are now also able to get a prescription for what is definitely a different type...
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Touchscreens to Diagnose Diseases, Cut Healthcare Costs

January 29, 2012

Smartphones could soon detect cancer and other diseases, enabling cost-effective, on-the-spot medical testing outside the confines of a traditional medical lab. Scientists at Korea Advanced Institute of Science of Technology “confirmed” Monday today’s ultra-sensitive touchscreens can detect biomolecular material as well as traditional medical testing equipment. The German science journal “Angewandte Chemie” published the...
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Home Test Kits

October 18, 2011

Use home test kits do some types of tests at home You can use home test kits do some types of tests at home, such as testing for blood sugar, pregnancy, urinary tract infections, and HIV infection. Some home test kits give you results right away, such as a pregnancy test. Others, such as...
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